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We offer a wide variety of custom-built computers to suit your needs

Gaming Computer

Gaming computers are computers that are specially crafted for playing heavily demanding video games smoothly with the utmost, best experience. These computers are built so that you can experience exceptional graphics, speed, and quick response time. If you are a passionate gamer, this is the computer for you.

All Around Computer

An All Around Computer is a computer build for frequent, and non-specific use. These computers are built for people who want a reliable computer that is versatile and efficient so it can be used for any purpose whenever needed.

Work Computer

Work computers are computers that are designed for using many different types of software. Ranging from Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Premier, and the list goes on. These computers are built with fast speed, reliability, and plenty of storage. If you photo edit, movie edit, or use any type of software […]

Getting Started

Before purchasing your very own, one of a kind computer, you have to decide what type of computer suits your needs. At Scorch Systems, we offer three different models of custom computers. We require you to chose a format in order for us to get a better idea about what […]